Courtney Shortney - San Diego, CA

As well as acrobatics, Courtney cheered competitively at the college level, and is professionally trained in various dance styles.

Performing professionally since summer 2000, Courtney started her career as a dancer with Carnival Cruise Lines. In 2002, she took to the stages of Six Flags Over Texas while singing and dancing for various seasonal productions.
Attending Weatherfod College in 2004 on a full scholorship for cheerleading, she competed at the collegiate level while training with national champion athletes, still found time to coach award-winning kids & teens. Around 2009, Courtney shifted focus to finish her Interior Design degree at Art Institute of Dallas.

In 2014, Courtney moved to Los Angeles from Fort Worth after being accepted on full scholarship to AMDA (American Music & Dramatic Academy) in Hollywood, as well as working at 3rd Street Dance. While much of her time in Los Angeles was spent behind the scenes working various high-profile private clients, dancers, productions and artists, she capitalized on the nickname, Shortney and made a buzz with her tiny size & big presence.
Upon chance, the discovery of Partner Acrobatics was in the early summer of 2015, when Courtney walked past a window holding an AcroYoga class, where upon she met long-time training partner, Jonathan Rea. With regular training sessions at Jack & Jeri's Gym in Van Nuys, Californa, Courtney and Jon built an Icarian based partner acrobatic practice nicknamed AcroPops, that incorperates acrobatic elements pulled from; Gymnastics, Juggling, Icarian Games, Risley, Dance & AcroYoga.
It wasn't until 2017, that she begain training hand-to-hand acrobatics with AcroArmy, under the direction of 2x sports acrobatic world champion, Arthur Davis III. After relocation to San Diego in order to train full-time with teammates living locally, where Courtney and two former teammates joined forces to form the trio PartyTrix. In March 2018, PartyTrix debuted the first version of their trio act with Berlin based company,  Party Like Gatsby. The act was taken across the globe to stages in both Gothenburg and Stochkholm, Sweden.

Currently, Courtney is and training and perfoming locally, and internationally, with PartyTrix trio partners, Tad Merrell and Scott Cooper, as well as current member of high-flying, acrobatic performance group AcroArmy.

Private Lessons
Corperate Events
Birthday Parties
Kid's Classes

Available for events, performances, teaching workshops and private lessons, demonstrating a unique skill set of acrobatic talents.
Circus specialty performaces in a style more commonly seen in acts like Cirque du Soleil - but not quite the same.